Editing Services

Jax has been a professional editor for over seven years now. She is versatile, and can adapt her editing to your needs. She offers:

  • Thesis proof-reading and formatting for PhD and MA theses. This was where she started. She has worked in a variety of academic fields, including, but not limited to, medical, dental, science, and arts. Her own academic background is in literature and philosophy, but she’s learnt what is acceptable in all these fields over the years. She is also a MS Word Whisperer, and can make those bulky horrible documents cower before her whims, so if you’re having formatting issues, let her help.
  • Short story and novel editing. Jax has been editing fiction for five years now, and has been selecting stories for anthologies for all that time. As a result, she knows what editors are looking for in a manuscript. She can be as harsh or gentle as you need/like, and is able to do any depth of edit from a basic spelling/grammar proof right through to a deep story-doctoring blue pencil edit. She’s well-versed in different genre structures and as a writer/editor herself, understands about keeping authorial voice while still improving the work.  She can also work within the UK/US spelling/grammar differences.
  • Web-copy. Jax has done courses in writing for the web, which is a totally different skill-set to writing for print. Let her edit and rework your web-copy to optimise it for web searches and for maximum impact on readers.
  • Document formatting and revamping. Jax is a formatting wizard, and can rework your documents to any formatting specifications. She has a background in print, and so has a clear understanding of the requirements for a multitude of different kinds of print mediums, and has been formatting for ebooks for several years, so she understands the different requirements for that too.

Cost is a baseline of NZ$35 an hour. If you’d like more information on any of these editing services, email jax.goss@gmail.com.



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