anemone enemy cover

Anemone Enemy

(Contributor – “Go to the Sea”, Oscillate Wildly Press: 2017)

The deep sea is an environment completely unfriendly to mankind; it represents one of the least explored areas on Earth. Pressures in the mesopelagic zone become too great for traditional exploration methods, demanding alternative approaches for deep sea research. What is beneath the depths of the sea?



cover_artTwelve Days

(Editor, The Patchwork Raven: 2016)

Can you imagine what it was like being the recipient of those gifts? Twelve drummers drumming. What would you do with twelve drummers? I mean, the upkeep alone would probably be crippling. Twelve drummers are for life, not just for Christmas.

“Twelve Days” is an anthology of short stories based on the twelve items in the Christmas song, written by some of the best up and coming indie authors from across the globe. They range from fantasy to realism; from uplifting to creepy; from the hard streets of New York to the fantastic bridges of an almost-Venice.


ind_creative_commons_a_quiet_revolution-500x500A Quiet Revolution: Growing Creative Commons in Aotearoa NZ

(Editor, CCANZ: 2015)

An introduction to Creative Commons in NZ. This was one of my projects while I was doing the Applied Publishing course at Whitirea. Hard work, but such a neat little book in the end.



setsize300400-a-maori-reference-grammar-medA Maori Reference Grammar – Ray Harlowe

(Typesetting, Huia: 2015)

Based on a third-year university course Ray Harlow taught for a number of years, this grammar reference book is intended for people whose knowledge of Māori is at that level or higher – advanced learners, native speakers and teachers of Māori.

Also a Whitireia project.




(Editing/Typesetting, Playmarket: 2015)

Two kiwi boys take a road trip to Jerusalem while a seven-year-old girl deals with the divorce of her parents better than they do. New Zealand’s youngest murderer meets public enemy No.1 and a vodka-swilling Nana helps her daughter fix her useless family for good. An expert teaches us how to feed our bellies and feed our hearts through baking Maori bread. A young woman loses herself in a map-world of paper roads, we are taken on an epic journey from colonial prostitutes to iPhones, and straight and gay bromance get confused while riding in cars – welcome to Here/Now!


latchkeyLatchkey Tales

(Editor, Solarwyrm Press: 2014-2015)

Every two months for two years, I compiled and edited a journal of short stories and poetry. They were funded through Patreon, and were enormously fun to put out. Alas, the time crunch got a bit too challenging. We hope to re-release them in a single volume through The Patchwork Raven in the next year or so.




61ajnbyoavl-_sx331_bo1204203200_Twice Upon a Time – Joshua Allen Mercier

(Contributor – “A Taste of Winter”, a Snow Queen retelling, Bearded Scribe Press: 2015)

Fairytales don’t always happen once upon a time. Fables don’t always have a happy ending. From Rapunzel to Rumpelstiltskin, this unique collection showcases childhood favorites unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Both traditionally-published and independent authors will take you on a whirlwind ride through fairytale and folklore, myth and majick. Cherished stories are revisited and remastered into newly-treasured tales of hope and heartache, of adversity and adventure


51cebgd-ol-_sx331_bo1204203200_Happily Never After – Kristen Duvall

(Contributor – “SmallMarg and the Star-Heart”, Fey Publishing: 2014)

Happily ever after is a thing of the past. Since the dawn of time, parents have passed down legends and stories to their children, and parents will probably continue telling these stories until the end of time. Of course, the fairy tales of tomorrow won’t be the same stories of today. What will these tales of the future be like? Forget happily ever after… This is Happily Never After – where dystopian science fiction meets the fairy tales of days gone by.


front-cover-with-textfinalAllusions of Innocence

(Editor, Solarwyrm Press: 2014)

The world of a child is not all innocence and sweetness. Children see the world differently to adults, slightly askew, somewhat less preconceived. They see the things adults have trained ourselves to miss. Their world is less explicable, more wondrous, more frightening. Here we have 18 such worlds, some funny, most dark, many creepy. Innocence has a dark side, and many of these stories will introduce you to it, sideways, sidelong, from the corner of your eye.

CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE, but due for re-release through The Patchwork Raven in the next year.

20741911Amok: An Anthology of Asia-Pacific Speculative Fiction – Dominica Malcolm

(Contributor – “Love and Statues”, Solarwyrm Press: 2014)

In an anthology that spans from India in the west to Hawai‛i in the east, and as far south as Australia and New Zealand, 24 authors bring you an exciting range of tales set in the past, present, and future. Discover characters like the Moon Rabbit from Chinese mythology, a kitsune from Japanese mythology, and the aswang from Filipino mythology.



heartbeats-front-coverHeartbeats: Voices Against Oppression

A collaboration between M. Kate Allen, Jax Goss of Solarwyrm Press, and Kristen Duvall of Fey Publishing. We wanted to create something that would speak powerfully for the many thousands of men, women and children worldwide who live enslaved and oppressed, while simultaneously raising funds for those who fight trafficking and slavery. In this book are stories of oppression and liberation, of empowerment and the stripping away of power, of enslavement and escape. Many are hard to read, many will break your hearts or make them soar, all are united in the idea that the use and abuse by some humans of other humans must stop. Every person who worked on this project did it for free, so that absolutely all the profits made from the book can go to, and the excellent work they do. By buying it, you are helping that work continue. May we someday live in a world where such work is not needed.


faefatales_frontcoverFae Fatales: A Fantasy Noir Anthology

(Editor, Solarwyrm Press: 2013)

“Of all the fairy rings, in all the worlds, she walks into mine.” When gritty detectives meet shapeshifters and dragons, when the gorgeous dame is an elf and the grifter is a selkie, you know you’re in deeper than you thought. In the shadowy streets of these stories, the dangers are more than just shooters and muggers. Here the bouncer might be an orc, the mark might be a centaur. Venture in at your own risk. Walk soft, carry a big gun, and keep a stone with a hole in it in your pocket.

Contains my story, “Lady Isabel and the Elf Knight”.

CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE, but due for re-release through The Patchwork Raven in the next year.

611be8xtypl-_sx319_bo1204203200_The Edge of the Map – Jax Goss

(Writer: 2011)

The book that started it all. A collection of my short fiction.

CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE. I may re-release it one of these days. We shall see. 😉





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