About Jax


Jax is something of a jack of all trades. She has, in her many lifetimes, been a teacher, an IT professional, a customer service guru, a trainer, an editor, a writer, a typesetter, a mother, a fire-dancer, a theatre nerd, a coffee connoisseur, and a social media whizzkid.

These days she is focussed on the mother/editor/social media/writer parts of that modgepodge of skills. She has a habit of trying to keep too many balls in the air at once, which probably comes from being just a little bit interested in everything, but this means that she has, despite herself, become a master juggler.

She drinks too much coffee, reads a lot of books, hates the word ‘utilise’ with the fire of a thousand suns, loves baby elephants, misses the African sun, and is endlessly interested in people and their stories.


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