Hi all!

I try, on occasion, to give you a rundown of all the things I have going on, and the many ways that you can support me or find my work. Here’s the “beginning of 2018” edition. 🙂

The Patchwork Raven

The Raven took a bit of a backseat last year due to life stuff on both my and Will’s parts (he got married, I moved to Hamilton, among other things), but we are back on board this year!

You can still buy Twelve Days on our website in various formats, and you can pre-order our re-release of Allusions of Innocence, which should be available in the next month or so.

Eeny Meeny Miney Mo: Tales for Tired Tykes, our collection of children’s stories is so close to being ready I can almost smell it. We hope to launch the crowdfunding campaign for this in March.

We’re also going to be working on re-releasing a few more of my old Solarwyrm titles under the new Raven banner over the next year, and we may even manage to get through some of the novel submissions we still have loitering in our inbox.

Speaking of submissions, we’re still looking for submissions for our Backyard Earth project – a collection of books with stories from every country in the world. Ambitious? Yes. But that’s what makes the Raven crazy special.


I still edit for money! I’m a lot busier now than I used to be, but if you (or someone you know) have a thesis or a manuscript or a website or pretty much anything in English that you’d like professionally edited, get in touch. 🙂


I have this Patreon where I sometimes write stories. It’s on my list to get up and running again, so if you’d like to read my original tales of wonder and woe at irregular intervals, hop on over and drop me a dollar or so. The more of you who do that, the more likely I am to actually write some things again. Just sayin’. 😉

The Bookish JellyBean

This project was one that also got abandoned in the craziness of last year, but it is also on my list to get up and running again. Basically, I am working my way through a list of the children’s literature “canon” and holding it up to the light of a left-leaning political aesthetic. I have a Masters in Children’s Lit, so I legitimately know what I’m doing. 😉

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I work with MeBooks, helping out with reviews, blog posts and social media. It’s an awesome little enterprise for Kiwi writers and publishers, helping NZers get their books up online for purchase. If you’re a fan of Kiwi literature and non-fiction, it’s a great place to procure some, but it also has a truly astonishing number of historical texts available for free.
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Going to be dragging this out from off the cyber backburner too. It’s a Facebook group devoted to creating bizarre musical lists. If you’re a fan of lists, or music, or weirdness, you’ll probably enjoy it. Come on over and join us.


I think that’s roughly it. I always have too many balls in the air, and every time I put them all in one place like this I realise that I am a maniac. But it keeps me out of trouble, mostly. 😉 Hopefully, you found something that tickles your fancy. Thanks for sticking around. Love you, awesome nerds.

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