If you’ve been following me anywhere on the Internet, you’ll know that the small indie press I run with Dominica Malcolm, Solarwyrm Press, is in the last stages of our Indiegogo campaign for our latest anthologies, Amok and Allusions of Innocence.

The campaign is here, if you haven’t checked it out yet and want to before I even shill it.

The two new anthologies are amazing. We pride ourselves at Solarwyrm on making collections that are diverse and unusual. Our first one, Fae Fatales, definitely lived up to that, and these ones do even more so. The books are full of really excellent stories by indie authors, and the pre-release reviews for both books have born up to how good we think they are.

The campaign also gives you the chance to get various other awesome things from our back catalogue, and a few special campaign only perks (like stories by me and Dom, and a tshirt with the gorgeous cover of Amok on it).

And if that’s not enough for you, I’ve been giving pieces of custom original flash fiction to people who get us over particular milestones over on Facebook. So if you’re not following Solarwyrm or my writer page over there, you should do so and keep an eye out for those offers, and get yourself a piece of flash fiction in the process.

In addition, we’re giving away another eBundle! Last week I gave away FOUR of these bundles. It contains BOTH of Solarwyrm’s new anthologies (Amok and Allusions of Innocence), our first one, Fae Fatales, my book of short stories The Edge of the Map, Dominica Malcolm’s novel Adrift AND a brand new totally original piece of flash fiction written by me to a prompt of your choosing. And all you need to do to win this bundle of awesome is to share the link to our campaign ANYWHERE ON THE INTERNET and come back and tell us where you did so. So do it now!

Share this link! Come back and tell me you did, and win yourself some free ebooks!