Solarwyrm have partnered with Indiegogo for Women’s Day, which means that for every $25 we raise in the next 24 hours, we get an extra dollar. So if you have been dithering about when to get the book(s), TODAY IS THE DAY.


As further incentive, I will offer a piece of flash fiction based on a prompt of your choosing to every single person who contributes to the campaign for the next 24 hours, no matter how big or small your contribution, provided you come back here, and tell me you contributed. I won’t promise to deliver right away, because my folks are visiting, but you will get your ministory by the time the campaign closes. 

As further incentive, anyone who shares this link anywhere on the internet in the next 24 hours, and comes back here to tell me you did so and point me to where will go in a draw to win an ebundle of my book “The Edge of the Map”, “Fae Fatales”, “Allusions of Innocence”, “Amok”, AND Dom’s novel “Adrift”. That’s the entire Solarwyrm catalogue, PLUS my book from pre-Solarwyrm days. PLUS, said person will also get a custom story by me based on a prompt of your choosing.

So go forth, internet people! Buy books! Spread the word! Remember that to be entered into the draw, you have to come back, comment, and show me where you linked it!