Deities all

Deliver me from comfort.
Preserve me from the soft-focus white-noise stasis of contentment.
Let me hunger always,
Let me strive and thirst.
Give me drive, and passion,
Send me ambition, the dynamic.
Let the earth never be still beneath my feet.
Let me never stop pushing, one more step, just a little more.

Let me never be content.
Let me never be satisfied.

Not for me hearth and quiet.
Give me fire. Give me motion.

Hear me, Haphaestus, Vulcan, Bacchus.
Hear me, Loki, Anansi, Ēostre.

Bring me fire and change and chaos.
Bring me dance and sex and rebirth.

Let me be fertility, life, change, renewal.
Let me be the chaos in the spinning world.
Let me move, and grow, and evolve.

I shall not be mild-mannered.
I shall not be silent.
I shall not be shamed.

I will be desire and hunger and constant striving.
I shall reach and reach and never be satisfied and reach again.

I will never stop growing.
I will never be content.

Deities all.
Preserve me from stasis.
Let me be the dancing hungry fire.
I choose life.