I have been idly reorganising my iTunes. Unrelatedly, there’s been this thing going on the radio station my car is tuned to, where people vote between two songs for the “greatest song of all time”.

I want to do a thing like that. So here it is. I will post two songs from my (very extensive) iTunes library. You can vote on which one you prefer. I’ll remove the loser from the running. I’ll let iTunes pick randomly, so we should get some interesting combos. 😉 They will change as often as I get around to changing them, which means several times one day, and then not at all for several, most likely.

At some indeterminate point in the future we’ll have the greatest song in my collection as voted for by you. 🙂

Come play!

First pairing:

Trouble no more by Jimmy Rogers (with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards)…


Party With the Animals by Ozzy Osbourne

Vote in comments. 🙂


ETA: New admin decision! This is going to happen on all my platforms at once, but there will be different songs on each one. You can vote on whichever ones you wish/follow. (I am not going to disable whatever automatic crossposting things I have, but if it crossposts, you can vote on any place you see it.) This is to speed the process up a bit.