Fae Fatales: A Fantasy Noir Anthology has 57 hours to go. It is fully funded, and will be going ahead, but we are currently on a quest to get ten artists commissioned to do ten illustrations – one for each story. As I write this we have enough for five. The question is, can we get the $305 we need to get to ten artists by the time those 57 hours runs out?

I am throwing my writing pen into the ring, and hoping it serves as suitable bait to push that total up.

For every single contribution we get between now and when the campaign closes, I will write one poem. When it closes, I will create a small chapbook out of those poems, and include it with every single backer’s package. Electronically with the ebooks, and physically with the physical books. EVEN the $1 raffle backers will get an electronic copy of it. I will not be publishing these poems ANYWHERE else, though I will publish the titles, just to tantalise you.

If you’ve already backed us, thank you so much! You can add another dollar to make me write poetry, or you can post links all over the internet. Do whatever it takes.

I will write poetry like a fiend for the next 57 hours, but only if YOU make me do it.

This book is amazing. The preliminary art I have been seeing is beautiful. EVERY physical book will be going out with a set of postcards of the art for FREE, which is an offer open only to Indiegogo backers.

So don’t miss out. Go go now. Make sure you have your book. And make me wax poetic in the process. 🙂