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I have been very quiet on here – much quieter than I intended, but things have been happening! 

As you cannot possibly not be aware of if you follow me at all on the internet, our Indiegogo campaign for Fae Fatales: A Fantasy Noir Anthology is fully funded, and we are now on a mission to raise enough to get some gorgeous art done for it. Everyone who orders a book through the indiegogo campaign will get a set of postcards of whatever art we manage to fund. Just, as a bonus, thrown in, so you really should get on that if you haven’t already! 

The Indiegogo page is here! Go forth, and get thee some wonderful stories with beautiful art! And help us make more beautiful art! 

Remember, there is a raffle option which could win you a copy of the book if you can’t afford more than a dollar. 

Feel free to spread those links far and wide!!
Also, if you feel like pointing to Solarwyrm specifically, that would be nice too: 
I promise, at some point this blog will be about more than promoting this anthology, but it is such a big deal to me. Making this be makes Solarwyrm a real publisher. And that is so exciting. It makes me think that perhaps I can pull off this malarky! 
I so want this to be my job. It is fun, and hard, and challenging, in all the right ways. 
Anyway, happy Wednesday everyone. Go make something beautiful.