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Our Indiegogo campaign for “Fae Fatales: A Fantasy Noir Anthology” is only $249 away from being funded, with 18 days to go. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to wait 18 days. I want to know we can go ahead with this thing sooner. Today would be great. 😀

To that end, I am going to bribe you with my story. Right now, I am going to give you the title. And the first paragraph. For every contribution that comes through today, I will add one more sentence. There is a risk I will be giving away quite a lot of the story, but I’ll take that chance.

This offer is only open for TODAY. If you want to see more of a preview, you will have to contribute today. It makes no difference how much. If someone contributes the full $250, or only a dollar. Each contribution is vital. Each one gets a sentence. How much of this story you get today is TOTALLY UP TO YOU!

I am very, very proud of this story. It is one of the best I have written, I think. I am so pleased with it, I created a whole anthology to go with it. I haven’t harped on about it much, because it is in such good company, and the other stories are just as good. But this is my one, and I love it. And I am going to start sharing it with you. ONE DAY ONLY. Offer closes when I go to bed. 🙂

Here it is:


Lady Isabel and the Elf Knight

I was going to retire. Give it all up. That was the truth of it. That was my plan. I was sitting there, in that dingy old office, no windows, filing cabinets cramped full of old cases and bits of paper. I kept meaning to sort it out. But now I looked around me, and I thought I’m done. Just like that. Decision made.

And then, not ten minutes later, in she walks. Like something out of film noir, long coat with faux fur around the trim, boots up to her knees, perfect make up, perfect hair.

In she walks and she says, no preamble, nothing, “I need your help.”

And me, chump that I am, I motion her to a chair and offer her coffee and say, “How can I help you, Miss…?” with that inflection looking for a name.

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