At the end of March, my contract at work is up, and this will become my job. Writing, editing, proof-reading whatever I can get my paws on.

To this end, I am introducing Kill Bills Tuesday! Each Tuesday I’ll pick one bill that I need to pay, and write like I fiend till it’s paid. I don’t really expect this to take off right away, but maybe over time it will.

Today, I will write for rent. 🙂

Pop something, anything, in the tipjar below, and I’ll write whatever you want. Poetry, interesting shopping lists. Stories, bits about a character you like. Or if you just want me to write, I’ll do that too. Only you will see what I write for you, and if I hit the target bill, I’ll post a freebie to the site for everyone to see.

Today’s bill is my next rent – NZ$530. That’s the target. Kill Bills Tuesday is open. What would you have me make?

The Tip Jar is here!