Right now I have several things bubbling away.

The primary one is my Icarus Indiegogo. If you haven’t had a look, or even if you have, please pop over and see if you’d like to get in on this. I am running out of days, and I would love to see this project happen.

I’m also working on the next thing that will hit Indiegogo, which is an anthology of Fantasy Noir short stories. There is one story by me in said anthology, but the others are all by some very excellent writers. It’s pretty exciting! It’s an awesome collection of tales, which I look forward to sharing with you all.

The third thing is I have been working through and revising my ’09 Nano project.

Here’s a small snippet:

Before them lay a huge cavern, shimmering with a strange light which seemed to come directly from the rock walls. The cavern was full of stuff. Skulls, and weapons from all eras. Shelves filled with books. Wagons full of all sorts of strange old looking things. Rolls of parchment leaned against the walls. Henry looked carefully at the closest bookshelf and saw that one of the books was The Completed works of Herman Charles Bosman, written in his own hand. His grandma had various copies of Bosman’s work at home. On top of, and entwined around all this amazing historical treasure, was the dragon. Its breathing filled the room, reverberating around the cavern. It was sleeping, which was probably a lucky thing for Henry, since he was too dumbfounded to have remembered the official greeting, even if he’d had to.

“This is incredible,” Jet breathed.

“Ja.” Henry was awestruck. He tried to pull himself together, and remember why he was there, though the urge to just wander around and take a look at things was overwhelming. He remembered however what his grandma had said about dragons being very fussy about manners. They had to do things right.


I’m also working on a collection of short stories based on Greek myths, which tell the stories from the women’s points of view. That one has a long way to go yet.

What are you working on?