Welcome to my office.

This is not one of those boring offices furnished with plastic faux-wood office furnishings and uncomfortable chairs. Oh no. This office is the other kind. Big armchairs for curling up with books, a roaring log fire. A giant wooden writing desk, and shelves and shelves of books. Original art on the bits of wall not taken up by bookshelves, and a comforting clutter of lived-in-ness.

There are comfy rugs, and the occasional child’s toy floating around (I do have a toddler after all). It is warm, and lived in, and full of creative energy.

And I’d like to invite you into it.

See, I have always wanted to Be A Writer. The last few years I have been blurring the tense on that. Now I am Becoming A Writer. If I’m any good, I’ll continue that forever, even long after I have sold my bestsellers and that dream office is a real physical space in the world. 😉

For now though, I am going to open my doors to you. All of you. Let you come in and see the things I am working on. Curl up in a chair and read some stories. Share an Earl Grey or a Tanzanian coffee with me. Eat some of the cookies.

Writing is supposed to be such a solitary pursuit. Well, I’d rather it weren’t. And I am becoming adept at breaking the rules of ‘supposed to be’. So here I am, doing it again.

Welcome to my office. Please, make yourselves at home. And invite your friends.